My go to recipe when it comes to having friends over or cooking for the house; in fact this recipe starred in my first year ‘Come Dine With Me’ flat challenge. Add green beans and/or creme fraiche on the side to make it look fancy!

– Ingredients –

~ Onion (2)

~ Garlic

~ Leeks (2)

~ Chicken Breasts/Fillets

~ Vege/Chicken Stock

~ Olive Oil


~Curry Powder


– Method –

1. Put olive oil in a saucepan and add cut up chicken pieces.

2. Chop up leeks, onions and garlic (crush the garlic if you have a garlic crusher) and put in saucepan.

3. Lightly heat until chicken is mostly cooked and onions/leeks are soft.

4. Add some boiling water (less if you want it like a stew, more if you prefer a soup like meal).

5. Add stock. If using a cube use about 1/2.

6. I like to add a dash of curry powder to mine to give it an extra kick. Add some herbs such as dried basil if you have any.

7. Cover and simmer for as long as you want, the longer it simmers the more flavoursome!

8. Enjoy!