Risotto is delicious, but sometimes it can be a bit too rich or heavy. If you’re looking for something substantial, tasty and with the same texture, look no further! This recipe uses egg to tie the ingredients together, and pearl barley as a replacement for risotto rice.


– Measured bowl of pearl barley

– One egg

– Handful of dill (optional)

– Vegetable stock (half a cube will do)

– Pepper

– Tuna

– Avocado


1. Simmer the barley for around 30 minutes in vegetable stock.

2. Cut up your avocado into chunks, and in a bowl mix with tuna and dill.

3. Once the barley is tender and has absorbed the stock, keep on a low heat and add in prepared ingredients.

4. Quickly crack egg into the saucepan and mix together until the egg has bound the ingredients. Keep the egg moving so it doesn’t scramble.

5. Season with pepper and serve!

You could also add other ingredients such as replacing tuna for cooked chicken, mushrooms, or any other vegetable. Enjoy!